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Commercial Property

QI am thinking about taking a lease of some commercial premises to start running my own business. What type of issues do I need think about in negotiating lease terms with a Landlord, or Letting Agent?

AFirst, the Landlord may be prepared to agree to you having a rent free period at the start of the lease to help you with refurbishment costs. Secondly, you need to decide what length of lease you require. It may be possible for you to negotiate that you have the benefit of a Break Clause which would give you the right to end the lease at some point during the term of the lease. You also need to think about who will be responsible for repairs and insurance.

QI am a Landlord of commercial premises and the Tenant has not paid the rent. What can I do?

AYou may be able to send in the bailiffs and/or bring the lease to an end. You may also be able to sue the Tenant through the courts and obtain a judgment for the rent you are owed.